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Code of Conduct

We are group of technologists, government staff, contractors and others in regulated fields passionately pursuing Compliance-as-Code.

We are developing a community and tools necessary to align security assessments and authorizations with modern, continuous software development and delivery.

We extend to you an invitation to join our community, provided you agree to the following terms.

Respectful and professional discourse

At all times you will engage in conversations that are respectful of other members – and third parties – and professional in tone. We are professionals pursing professional goals. Respect and professionalism includes civil conversation, allowing others opinions, and avoiding personal disparaging comments, and contributing usefully to the community topic: Compliance-as-Code.

Always respect a designated moderator.

Stay on target topic

We highly encourage to stay on the target topic of each Slack channel, GitHub issue, etc. This will help keep focus, efficiency and readability.

Encourage participation

Say things, ask questions and respond! The more participation, the better.

Appropriate, minimal personal/business promotion

It’s fine to let others in the community know about professional events, positions, new software releases and other developments that are highly relevant to the OpenControl and Compliance-as-Code community.

It’s also cool to share and celebrate accomplishments and support for community members in their achievement of some milestone, life-event, or other leveling-up. (It’s also OK to professionally rally the community in support of community members.)

It is not fine to spam our communication channels with multiple announcements, multiple times each week.

Promotions for things not related OpenControl and Compliance-as-Code is restricted to appropriately designated Slack channels.

Acceptance the organizers can update the conduct code

This policy is a “living” document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future.

Respect for diversity

OpenControl is a place for everybody regardless of race, religion, gender, identity, sexual orientation, technical ability, or employment situation.

Getting help

If you are experiencing technical problems or non technical problems (like harassment) contact Greg Elin (@gregelin) or another moderator on Slack.